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Agro & Resource-Based

Company Name

Main Activity

ASSAR Fishery Sdn Bhd

  • ASSAR Aquaquest Sdn Bhd

Aquaculture, Hatchery & Marine Related Industries

ASSAR Plantations Holding Sdn Bhd

Investment Holding Company specialized in Oil Palm Plantation

_Retus Plantations Sdn Bhd

Oil Palm Plantation & Mill

ASSAR Quarry Products Sdn Bhd

Quarry Related Activities

Borneo Granite Sdn Bhd

Quarry Operation & Trading

ASSAR Resources Sdn Bhd

Holder of Mining Licences

Sarawak Kaolin Industries Sdn Bhd

Mining of Kaolin, Ball Clay, Silica & Other Minerals

ASSAR Fishery Sdn Bhd was incorporated to develop a 298 hectares Integrated Fishery Industries at Loba Batu Blat, Kuching. This project aims to establish a fully integrated inland enclosed aquaculture technology incorporating fish farms, hatchery & nursery, research and development facilities, fishery landing complex, marine parks, fisheries related industries, marine-based industrial lots, public utilities, educational & recreational facilities and other infrastructure. The development also caters for residential and commercial development. Once completed the complex will be Sarawak’s flagship agropolis.

ASSAR Plantations Holding Sdn Bhd, through its subsidiaries Retus Plantations has actively ventured into oil palm cultivation and currently holds a combined hectarage of approximately 20,000 hectares, fully planted and developed into oil palm plantations. It has a successful track record in NCR development. 

ASSAR Quarry Products Sdn Bhd is the holder of mining licenses for some of the best quality granites in Malaysia with over 50 million tons of granite reserves. 

ASSAR Resources Sdn Bhd and Sarawak Kaolin Industries Sdn Bhd hold licenses for mining of kaolin, clay and other minerals in Sarawak. It aims to be the leading and major supplier of processed kaolin and clay products.

To expand its business prospects ASSAR Group welcomes joint development with potential investors.


Last Updated on Friday, 22 April 2022 15:24